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What Are Hosted PBX Services?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It’s a private telephone network that a business or organisation uses for internal communication. When you pick up your desk phone and press a button or punch in an extension to speak to someone elsewhere in the building, you’re using a PBX. Hosted PBX, which can also be described as either cloud PBX or virtual PBX, is a more modern version of the system. 

It moves the functions of onsite PBX hardware to the cloud. Instead of connecting telephones to an on-premise PBX, a hosted PBX system connects them to secure data centres. That lets users dial out and receive calls via VoIP. You get all the features of an on-premise PBX—and more—delivered seamlessly to desk phones, computers, and even mobile devices.

It's flexiable

Cloud PBX makes it easy to scale up and down, easy to add multiple locations, and easy to add and manage remote, mobile, and contract workers.

It's cheaper

Cloud PBX eliminates expensive, onsite equipment and which significantly reduces the capital expenditures of on-premises equipment and maintenance.


It’s reliable

Internet PBX phones connect separately to cloud PBX servers. Should a power outage, inclement weather, or a major disaster make it impossible to get to the office, your staff can still carry on using their PCs and smartphones—no matter where they are.

Affordable phone solution that comes with all the cloud PBX features

We provide, manage, maintain and monitor your cloud base or on-promise hosted VOIP phone systems
Standard Local, Mobile and National calls are included

Unlimited Calls to AU Mobiles and Land Lines
Never worry about call charges as calls to local, standard national and AU Mobile numbers are all included.

Port-in/Transferring existing numbers*
We will keep your existing phone numbers
*Subject to participating carriers
Voicemail to Email
Your Voicemail messages will be delivered to your preferred email instantly
Hunt Group
A Hunt Group allows users to distribute any inbound calls to a nominated sub-group of users.
Automatic Phone Menus
Auto Attendant is an auto receptionist that answers the phone with a personalized message and provides options to callers.
Call forward unreacheable
Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when the intended recipient is unreachable.
Busy lamp field
Enables a user to receive the call state information on monitored users.
Speed dial codes
Enables users to dial single digit codes to call up to eight different nominated numbers.
Available on 0 or 24 month terms
You can calculate your phone bill with our estimate phone bill tool

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